", "It was on a dreary night of November that I beheld the accomplishment of my toils. Victor refuses at first but later agrees out of a sense of responsibility as the Creature's creator. Seeing Frankenstein's agitation, Mr. Kirwin, the magistrate, suggest that Victor be shown the body, so that the tribunal might judge his reaction. This chapter is pivotal in that it blends the two sides into one story. What happens when the creature begins to think about himself? This cruelty affects the creature profoundly, and he avenges himself upon the Frankenstein family by killing William and implicating Justine. In their hatred for one another, they are more closely bound together than ever before. With our Essay Lab, you can create a customized outline within seconds to get started on your essay right away. The De Lacey's leave because they fear the monster will harm the old man. She tells him that he will be sorely punished for the murder that he has committed, and would be better off dead; she seems to take pleasure in her own hatefulness and cruelty. How does Victor prepare for what fears will happen? Frankenstein is aligned with both Adam and Eve, and, implicitly, with the creature himself: recall that the creature briefly compared himself to Adam during his reading of Paradise Lost. He says that his "paradisiacal dreams of love and joy" are dashed by the realization that "the apple was already eaten, and the angel's arm bared to drive [him] from all hope." eNotes Editorial, 17 Jan. 2010, https://www.enotes.com/homework-help/what-argument-does-creature-offer-support-ofhis-130883. In these lines, Shelley alludes to the Biblical creation story of Adam and to Milton's Paradise Lost. What arguments does he make to convince Victor to comply with his request? The monster finds Justine sleeping in a barn and plants the necklace in her pocket. Rewrite the sentences in the space provided, adding parentheses and punctuation where necessary. Very effective. When he meets with Victor Frankenstein, the creature relates what has happened to him since his beginning. How and why is Victor acquitted of his alleged crime? What does the creature say will happen if Victor creates a female for him? Victor says his passion for science has "chained him in an eternal hell.". The Creature: Suicide, "Cursed, cursed creator! When he walks into the chamber, he is overcome with horror: the lifeless form of Henry Clerval lies before him. He learns about his bodily sensations and the strange world around him. How did the De Lacey family come to be living in the cottage? The creature has made a very specific demand of Victor. They sail to Evian to spend the night after their wedding. He is on the brink of death when Walton's ship appears in the distance. Along the way, the monster is shot through the shoulder after he saves a little girl from drowning in a stream. These are some of the arguments and their implications offered in the dialgue between both creator and created. if the conjunction is coordinating. How does Victor appear and respond to his family when he returns home? cleaning service in San Alto, New Mexico. He realized that he wasn't given so much joy and care after his birth. Complete given sentence with the correct word in parentheses. Radagon was not. Its subtitle, "The Modern Prometheus," refers to Frankenstein's innovations in giving a dead creature life. What happens to Frankenstein and the creature at the end of the book? In the blank write coord. It may be possible to quickly venture into other areas of the ruins without arousing his attention, but the benefits of so tremendous risk seem minimal. Write corr. Elizabeth, for her part, finds her joy commingled with an inexplicable foreboding of misfortune; in this way, Shelley foreshadows her doom. Where did Victor Frankenstein get the body parts for his monster? Victor says he would die to make her happy, and if the monster kills him on his wedding night, so be it. When he revives, he finds himself surrounded by the people of the inn; he escapes from them to the room in which Elizabeth's corpse is lying. The creature vows to "see him on his wedding night.". Her doctor gave her some _____ (good/well) advice when he recommended rest. He changes his mind because he does not want the female to breed other monsters. She complies, and Victor stalks the corridors of their villa, searching for any trace of the monster. Why did I live? Use good and bad as adjectives. Perhaps the avalanche, through nature, will assist Victor in getting rid of the monster or his own troubles. True or False: The De Laceys were of noble birth, The Circuit: Stories from the Life of a Migrant Child, The Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. tapers wax candles, especially long, slender ones. The creature found the journal in which Victor had kept during his process of creating him.. What a journal is. Someone just like him that understands him and will love him like the rest of the world ca n't . Victor says his passion for science has "chained him in an eternal hell.". What did the creature demand from Victor? eNotes Editorial, 25 Nov. 2016, https://www.enotes.com/homework-help/what-creature-say-victor-when-he-reconnects-him-72007. It ends in Peth, Scotland, and Orkney Islands. How does Victor at first respond to the creature's demand? The creature boards the ship and finds Victor's body. Thus, Victor and his views on the monster correlate to this Romantic viewpoint. In a search for food and shelter, the monster encounters young William Frankenstein and kills him. Victor is reminded of the creature's threat to be with him on his wedding night. In Frankenstein, what does Victor (as creator) feel he owes the creature? In Chapter 16, the monster is the victim of an injustice again. Trabajando solo o con un(-a) compaero(-a), escriba cinco proverbios originales basados en sus experiencias. The creature was filled with rage and loathsomeness asked himself if he was a monster back then. For months, he pursues the creature over the better part of the earth. So, he decided to get revenge on the human race. Victor designs him to be beautiful, a higher . He was trying to be his friend, but William's fear of him caused him to reject the creature. The creature then offers his ultimatum, and Victor listens because he feels that as the creator, he has some duty to the creature before he "complains of his wickedness." Victor describes the area near Chamounix and the glaciers that were in the higher elevations. The creature tells Victor: You must create a female for me with whom I can live in the interchange of those sympathies necessary for my being (Chapter 17). Elizabeth and Alphonse cling to the idea of the marriage as to a raft at sea; they hope to salvage something of happiness from the senseless and unremitting tragedy. Does Victor destroy the female creature? You may be randomly successful to steal the soul, if so then you will see the creature's soul shown in the lower tab of creatures in the game menu: The creatures will remain with you as long as . The chase appears almost childish: the creature taunts his creator, and Frankenstein pursues him with no regard for sense or reason. Yet, this does not absolve him from his responsibility towards his initial creation. The hastiness of Victor's wedding is indicative of his frantic desire to create an illusion of order and tranquility for his family. What happens when Victor returns to Geneva? Upload your study docs or become a. GradeSaver, 12 June 2015 Web. 89. Avoiding Problems with Troublesome Verbs. Title: Literature: from Frankenstein - Introduction Class 12 Date: / / Duration: 50 min Standard s: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL 11-12.2 Determine two or more themes or central ideas of a text and analyze their development over the course of the text, including how they interact and build on one another to produce a complex account; provide an objective summary of the text. What event happens when the creature is near Geneva? Elizabeth, seeing his agitation, implores him to tell her what it is he fears. What has happened to cause Victor's arrest? Victor takes a tour of a nearby mountain and glacier on Mount Montanvert to refresh his tortured soul. He doesn't own up and take responsibility for the creature he has created. What is Victor's reason for not telling others about the monster in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley? If a sentence is correct, write correct on the line./ He resolves to leave Geneva forever because the country has become hateful to him in the absence of his loved ones. How is the creature rewarded for rescuing the girl from the raging river? And don't even start me on non-organic matter, billions of solar systems, each one uniquely shaped, each planet, each little asteroid. He feels absolute misery. Frankenstein has lost the capacity for voluntary thought; his entire consciousness is occupied by fantasies of revenge. Victor and his father are forced to stop in Paris, as Victor has grown too weak to continue the journey. It reflects on Shelley's written context about how Percy had left his wife for Mary. The creature tells Victor: You must create a female for me with whom I can live in the interchange of those sympathies necessary for my being (Chapter 17). Revenge invigorates him, intoxicates him: the joy he feels at seeing the creature's sledge marks the first time he has been happy in innumerable months. time employees are under your supervision. It is a quiet time for the monster and he grows fond of his newly "adopted" family. The trail leads to the ruins of a mission called Nuestra Seora de los Saguaros, dating back to the earliest Spanish explorers. He thinks the creature will try to kill him. Use specific examples from the novel. How does Victor appear and respond to his family when he returns home? When Victor hears that the victim was strangled, he trembles with anxiety; this, he knows, is his creature's preferred modus operandi. The narrator vows not to "delay the moment a single hour." The two go to the monster's squalid hut on the mountain, and the monster begins to tell his tale. What actually happens? In the way he tries to save a girl from drowning, but he is shot. 2023 Course Hero, Inc. All rights reserved. It might be said that Victor murdered that second creature; Henry's death can thus be regarded as his punishment for doing so. While on the glacier, the monster confronts his maker. He recognizes his lust for vengeance as a vice but says that, in his current state of wretchedness, it is "the devouring and only passion of his soul.". How do Victor and Elizabeth get to Evian, and why do they stop there? What does the creature want Victor to do for him? For Alphonse and Elizabeth (and even, to some extent, for Victor himself), the event appears to be a means of safeguarding the future. What is the story of the family in the cottage? Though the official listens attentively, it is clear that he only half-believes Frankenstein's wild tale. When he has almost overtaken his enemy, however, he inexplicably loses all trace of him. A poem that concerns Adam and Eve being tempted by a snake to eat from the tree in the middle of the garden. How effective is the creature convincing Victor? The monster came to ask for Victor's forgiveness. What reason does the monster give for killing William and framing Justine in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. . It is noon when he arrives on the top of the mountain, when he sees "the figure of a man, at some distance, advancing towards me with superhuman speed." sneaked). Because Victor and Walton were about to meet in the ice, the book's opening scenes take place on a ship. He tells Victor, quite reasonably, that it would be nearly impossible to pursue a superhuman being of the kind he has described. He does manage to find a "hovel" attached to a small cottage. The reader knows that it is Elizabeth, and not Frankenstein, who will bear the brunt of the monster's wrath; there is thus great pathos in Victor's horror at his mistake. His father tries in vain to cheer him, but Victor suffers from an insuperable melancholy. Frankenstein essays are academic essays for citation. CliffsNotes study guides are written by real teachers and professors, so no matter what you're studying, CliffsNotes can ease your homework headaches and help you score high on exams. Describe the demand the creature makes for Victor. Who is Safie? and "Who am I?" ", Latest answer posted April 17, 2020 at 9:04:31 PM. Victor has no memory of the time that immediately followed the death of his father; he later learned that he was kept in a miserable asylum, having been declared mad. Felix teaches Safie how to read with Volney's Ruins of Empires. What happens when Victor brings his creation to life? In Frankenstein, why does Walton want to take the journey to the north? Elizabeth seems cheerful, but is seized with melancholy on the day that the wedding is to take place. Victor is acquitted of his alleged crime because he was in Scotland when the murder tool place. This Biblical allusion has a number of ramifications. What does the creature do after the De Lacey family flees the cottage? 2023. Who are the experts?Our certified Educators are real professors, teachers, and scholars who use their academic expertise to tackle your toughest questions. Our summaries and analyses are written by experts, and your questions are answered by real teachers. This small family exhibits the devotion, love, and care that all families should strive to achieve. Elizabeth Lavenza is. Once Victor saw the hideous nature of his creation, he fled. 4. The creature frequently says he will leave all men alone once he has a companion. What will the creature do next? Victor describes a desolate scene, filled with ice, snow, and rocks, that parallels the descriptions of the North Pole earlier in the novel. Chapter 11. Who is he with? Answers 1. Question Answer Choices That he create another like him to keep him company That he kill him That he confess his deeds to the authorities That. "What does the creature say to Victor when he reconnects with him, and for what does he ask in Frankenstein?" A female. He tells Victor that he should be his Adam, but he is, instead, the "fallen angel" who has been driven away from joy. However, it is there that he re-encounters his creature. The boy screams at the monster, and the monster kills him. He tells Victor that "a friend" has come to see him; thinking that it is the monster, Victor begs to have him sent away. Victor's notes and he learns who is creator is. 16.What did the creature demand from Victor? The creature went to the low hovel to seek refuge. Then, they attacked him with stones and chased him out of the village. Removing #book# How does the creature explain what he has done? when he ran into Henry at the beginning of the Latest answer posted March 29, 2021 at 2:29:19 PM. Though both Alphonse and Ernest are safe when Victor arrives, the former soon perishes upon hearing of the death of Elizabeth. On the journey, he reflects that he has lost all hope of future happiness; no being in all creation is so miserable as he. Victor now regards her sadness as a presentiment of evil, and imagines that she was apprehensive to discover the reason for his misery. The creature offers to leave Victor and his friends and family alone if he will comply with his conditions. In Frankenstein, how is Victor Frankenstein's appearance defined? As they land on the shores of Como, both Elizabeth and Victor are overcome by a sense of inexplicable foreboding. 7. What do your envision as a possible threat to the domination of creation by mankind? Frankenstein is enraged, and vows that he will devote himself to the creature's destruction. 3. Last updated by Aslan 10 years ago 12/13/2012 1:06 PM. a. the daughter the Frankensteins adopted from the De Laceys. The monster finds Justine sleeping in a barn and plants the necklace in her pocket. Where does the creature find the copies of Paradise Lost, The Sorrows of Werter, and Plutarch's Lives that he reads? Free Will, Determinism, Culpability, Behaviorism, Egotism, Personal Glory, and the Pursuit for Immortality, Frankenstein and the Essence Of the Romantic Quest, Like Father Like Son: Imitation and Creation. It no longer matters who occupies which position: each reciprocates the obsession of the other. Part of what the creature demands is owed to him by Victor because he was brought into the world and then abandoned by the creator. In this discussion, the reader sees the pure greatness of Mary Shelley and the implications of her work. Victor has been hiking and resting in Geneva. You are Connie Famosa, manager of A Helping Hand, a residential Recall that he was disposing of the female creation's remains at sea while the monster was strangling his friend. More books than SparkNotes. What does the creature find in the woods? Where do they go? What does Victor ask Walton to do? Predictably, nature has lost its power to reassure; now, it reflects the chaos and darkness that Victor carries. Alphonse Frankenstein: Died of old age and illness. Frankenstein is well composed as they conduct him toward the room in which the body has been laid; he has an unassailable alibi for the time that the body was found. Five questions let you know in a flash if you have a good grasp of the major points of these chapters. How dare you sport thus with life? He also prepares with weapons to battle against the creature. This important chapter is where the monster confronts his maker with an all or nothing proposition:"make me a mate or I will destroy you." He convinces Victor to once again re-create the process first used on the monster. It was Henry who helped to focus Victor's attentions on the world beyond the purview of science; it was he who enabled Victor to delight in the simple pleasures of nature. Latest answer posted March 01, 2018 at 11:13:44 PM, In what chapter of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is the following quote found? The monster observes the reading lessons and learns faster than Safie. Suspense and terror are created by the appearance of the monster. Watch him and make sure he completes his task. Once again, the natural landscape foreshadows impending violence: upon the arrival of the Frankensteins, the wind at Como grows violent and a storm arises. It is a daily record that contains personal activities, otherwise known as a diary.. Who is the boy? Where does the creature go and how does he survive when he first leaves Ingolstadt? For two months, Victor lies in a delirium of fever and confusion. Two years. According to the complete text, Mary Shelly tells a story of Victor Frankenstein and the misfortune he went through in an attempt for his creature to gain love and trust for him. Victor realizes the consequences of this creation, but he also realizes that the creature can relate to no one but another creature like him. write the headings for each memo. The creature stands above the lifeless body of Victor. He pleads, "I am thy creature: I ought to be thy Adam, but I am rather the fallen angel, whom thou drivest from joy for no misdeed." "I have love in me the likes of which you can scarcely imagine and rage the likes of which you would not believe. He is under constant observation, so as to keep him from taking his own life. What did Safie's mother teach her daughter to value? How have the powers of human reasoning been weakened? The necessary preparations are made, and the couple determines to honeymoon on the shores of Lake Como, in Italy. Frankenstein is doomed to share the creature's life, and to follow him wherever he may go: the two are as close as a parent and child, or a lover and his beloved. Victor is headed back to Geneva with his father at the end of chapter 21. He receives a letter from Elizabeth, who says that she is longing to see him. The creature would be less angry if he wasn't lonely How does the creature plan to stay abreast of Victors progress ? Be sure you know the answer to this question and more by taking the quiz over Volume 2, Chapters 6 to 9 of Frankenstein from eNotes. if the conjunction is subordinate. As the characters look at the family photos, check off each family member you see or hear described. What do you think she means, as a poet, that she discovers the sun each morning? Has Victor understood the creature's promise correctly? 90. The monster and Victor finish their conversation in a hut on the slopes of Montanvert. Victor longs to supersede the barrier of secrecy that has been erected between him and the rest of humanity. Copyright 1999 - 2023 GradeSaver LLC. He often feels that he will succumb to madness; at these times, only Elizabeth can soothe him. What does the creature say will happen if Victor creates a female for him? c. the serving girl at the baronage. Thus, Shelley makes the monster a sympathetic creature, not a horrid one. Montanvert fictitious mountain, possibly near Mont Blanc, translated means"Green Mountain.". What do you make of his talk of slavery? Shelley makes us want to know this family in all their rustic charm the kind of people Romantic writers often wrote about and praised. Tortured by the knowledge that he is the "true murderer of William and Justine," Victor Frankenstein returns to nature for a sublime experience of the feeling of awe, hope, and ecstasy in the valley of Chamounix. Convinced that they should settle this feud between them amicably, Victor follows the creature to a small hut where they pass an entire afternoon together in conversation. - Victor is eviler than the creature. A female companion with the same defects What is Victor doing at this point? His father urges him to let go of his unhappiness. He makes Victor feel pity for him being alone and abandoning him. The guilt he feels at Elizabeth's death is twofold: he both created her destroyer and left her completely unprotected at the moment of her death. Victor seems ready to engage in a combat to the death, but the monster convinces Victor to listen to his story. Unable to tolerate the shock, he collapses. 83. Already a member? Victor is now indistinguishable from his creature: both are utterly bereft, loveless, and alone. All is perfect on their wedding day. Though the elder Frankenstein wishes to postpone the journey until his son has recovered from his melancholy, Victor will not be dissuaded. For Victor to make him a female companion just like him. What sustains Victor during his pursuit? He also. 2023 Course Hero, Inc. All rights reserved. write the correct verb from the choices in parentheses. What is his reaction to seeing the body of the body of the person he is accused of killing? He became gravely ill while he was in prison. He found peace in nature and finds the scenery comforting. Victor sees the monster stow away on a ship bound for Russia. Who is the boy? He immediately asks after the safety of Elizabeth and Ernest, and the elder Frankenstein assures him they are all well. I will work at your destruction, nor finish until I desolate your heart, so that you shall curse the hour of your birth (Chapter 17). Walton cries over Victor's death and says his mind "is overshadowed by disappointment" in turning the ship around and admitting defeat. What is the effect of shifting to the present tense here? The creature tries to save a drowning girl and when the girl's companion sees the monster, the man shoots at the monster. The creature realizes he is the only one is existence like himself, he is ugly and he is utterly alone.